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A mesh free numerical method for the solution of an inverse heat problem

Azari, Hossein, Parzlivand, F., Zhang, Shuhua


We combine the theory of radial basis functions with the finite difference method to solve the inverse heat problem, and use five standard radial basis functions in the method of the collocation. In addition, using the newly proposed numerical procedure, we also discuss some experimental numerical results.

Identification of basic thermal technical characteristics of building materials

Stanislav Šťastník, Jiří Vala, Hana Kmínová (2007)



Modelling of building heat transfer needs two basic material characteristics: heat conduction factor and thermal capacity. Under some simplifications these two factors can be determined from a rather simple equipment, generating heat from one of two aluminium plates into the material sample and recording temperature on the contacts between the sample and the plates. However, the numerical evaluation of both characteristics leads to a non-trivial optimization problem. This article suggests...

On the solution of inverse problems for generalized oxygen consumption

Denis Constales, Jozef Kačur (2001)

Applications of Mathematics


We present the solution of some inverse problems for one-dimensional free boundary problems of oxygen consumption type, with a semilinear convection-diffusion-reaction parabolic equation. Using a fixed domain transformation (Landau’s transformation) the direct problem is reduced to a system of ODEs. To minimize the objective functionals in the inverse problems, we approximate the data by a finite number of parameters with respect to which automatic differentiation is applied. ...