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Double-stepped adaptive control for hybrid systems with unknown Markov jumps and stochastic noises

Shuping Tan, Ji-Feng Zhang (2009)

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations


This paper is concerned with the sampled-data based adaptive linear quadratic (LQ) control of hybrid systems with both unmeasurable Markov jump processes and stochastic noises. By the least matching error estimation algorithm, parameter estimates are presented. By a double-step (DS) sampling approach and the certainty equivalence principle, a sampled-data based adaptive LQ control is designed. The DS-approach is characterized by a comparatively large estimation step for parameter estimation...

A problem of robust control of a system with time delay

Marina Blizorukova, Franz Kappel, Vyacheslav Maksimov (2001)

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


A problem of guaranteed control is under discussion. This problem consists in the attainment of a given target set by a phase trajectory of a system described by an equation with time delay. An uncontrolled disturbance (along with a control) is assumed to act upon the system. An algorithm for solving the problem in the case when information on a phase trajectory is incomplete (measurements of a 'part' of coordinates) is designed. The algorithm is stable with respect to informational...