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Spectral properties of a certain class of Carleman operators

S. M. Bahri (2007)

Archivum Mathematicum


The object of the present work is to construct all the generalized spectral functions of a certain class of Carleman operators in the Hilbert space L 2 X , μ and establish the corresponding expansion theorems, when the deficiency indices are (1,1). This is done by constructing the generalized resolvents of A and then using the Stieltjes inversion formula.

Diagonals of Self-adjoint Operators with Finite Spectrum

Marcin Bownik, John Jasper (2015)

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Mathematics


Given a finite set X⊆ ℝ we characterize the diagonals of self-adjoint operators with spectrum X. Our result extends the Schur-Horn theorem from a finite-dimensional setting to an infinite-dimensional Hilbert space analogous to Kadison's theorem for orthogonal projections (2002) and the second author's result for operators with three-point spectrum (2013).