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Uniqueness of meromorphic functions sharing a meromorphic function of a smaller order with their derivatives

Xiao-Min Li, Hong-Xun Yi (2010)

Annales Polonici Mathematici


We prove some uniqueness theorems for meromorphic functions and their derivatives that share a meromorphic function whose order is less than those of the above meromorphic functions. The results in this paper improve those given by G. G. Gundersen & L. Z. Yang, J. P. Wang, J. M. Chang & Y. Z. Zhu, and others. Some examples are provided to show that our results are the best possible.

On the uniqueness of meromorphic functions that share three sets

Abhijit Banerjee (2009)

Mathematica Bohemica


With the aid of the notion of weighted sharing and pseudo sharing of sets we prove three uniqueness results on meromorphic functions sharing three sets, all of which will improve a result of Lin-Yi in Complex Var. Theory Appl. (2003).