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Moduli stacks of polarized K3 surfaces in mixed characteristic

Rizov, Jordan (2006)

Serdica Mathematical Journal


2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 14J28, 14D22. In this note we define moduli stacks of (primitively) polarized K3 spaces. We show that they are representable by Deligne-Mumford stacks over Spec(Z). Further, we look at K3 spaces with a level structure. Our main result is that the moduli functors of K3 spaces with a primitive polarization of degree 2d and a level structure are representable by smooth algebraic spaces over open parts of Spec(Z). To do this we use ideas...

On moduli spaces of semistable sheaves on Enriques surfaces

Marcin Hauzer (2010)

Annales Polonici Mathematici


We describe some one-dimensional moduli spaces of rank 2 Gieseker semistable sheaves on an Enriques surface improving earlier results of H. Kim. In the case of a nodal Enriques surface the moduli spaces obtained are reducible for general polarizations. For unnodal Enriques surfaces we show how to reduce the study of moduli spaces of high even rank Gieseker semistable sheaves to low ranks. To prove this we use the method of K. Yoshioka who showed that in the odd rank case, one can reduce...