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Unramified Brauer group of the moduli spaces of PGLr(ℂ)-bundles over curves

Indranil Biswas, Amit Hogadi, Yogish Holla (2014)

Open Mathematics


Let X be an irreducible smooth complex projective curve of genus g, with g ≥ 2. Let N be a connected component of the moduli space of semistable principal PGLr (ℂ)-bundles over X; it is a normal unirational complex projective variety. We prove that the Brauer group of a desingularization of N is trivial.

Vector bundles on manifolds without divisors and a theorem on deformations

Georges Elencwajg, O. Forster (1982)

Annales de l'institut Fourier


We study holomorphic vector bundles on non-algebraic compact manifolds, especially on tori. We exhibit phenomena which cannot occur in the algebraic case, e.g. the existence of 2-bundles that cannot be obtained as extensions of a sheaf of ideals by a line bundle. We prove some general theorems in deformations theory of bundles, which is our main tool.

Bounds for Chern classes of semistable vector bundles on complex projective spaces

Wiera Dobrowolska (1993)

Colloquium Mathematicae


This work concerns bounds for Chern classes of holomorphic semistable and stable vector bundles on n . Non-negative polynomials in Chern classes are constructed for 4-vector bundles on 4 and a generalization of the presented method to r-bundles on n is given. At the end of this paper the construction of bundles from complete intersection is introduced to see how rough the estimates we obtain are.