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On the power-series expansion of a rational function

D. V. Lee (1992)

Acta Arithmetica


Introduction. The problem of determining the formula for P S ( n ) , the number of partitions of an integer into elements of a finite set S, that is, the number of solutions in non-negative integers, h s , . . . , h s k , of the equation hs₁ s₁ + ... + hsk sk = n, was solved in the nineteenth century (see Sylvester [4] and Glaisher [3] for detailed accounts). The solution is the coefficient of x i n [(1-xs₁)... (1-xsk)]-1, expressions for which they derived. Wright [5] indicated a simpler method by which to find part...

Irrationality of quick convergent series

Jaroslav Hančl (1996)

Journal de théorie des nombres de Bordeaux


We generalize a previous result due to Badea relating to the irrationality of some quick convergent infinite series.