Initial value problems in elasticity

Rolf Leis

Banach Center Publications (1992)

  • Volume: 27, Issue: 1, page 277-294
  • ISSN: 0137-6934

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Leis, Rolf. "Initial value problems in elasticity." Banach Center Publications 27.1 (1992): 277-294. <>.

author = {Leis, Rolf},
journal = {Banach Center Publications},
keywords = {initial-boundary value problem; wave equation; anisotropic elastic media; wave propagation; cubic symmetry; existence; global smooth solutions},
language = {eng},
number = {1},
pages = {277-294},
title = {Initial value problems in elasticity},
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volume = {27},
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AU - Leis, Rolf
TI - Initial value problems in elasticity
JO - Banach Center Publications
PY - 1992
VL - 27
IS - 1
SP - 277
EP - 294
LA - eng
KW - initial-boundary value problem; wave equation; anisotropic elastic media; wave propagation; cubic symmetry; existence; global smooth solutions
UR -
ER -


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