Compact fiberings of homogeneous spaces. I

Reinhard Schultz

Compositio Mathematica (1981)

  • Volume: 43, Issue: 2, page 181-215
  • ISSN: 0010-437X

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Schultz, Reinhard. "Compact fiberings of homogeneous spaces. I." Compositio Mathematica 43.2 (1981): 181-215. <>.

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AU - Schultz, Reinhard
TI - Compact fiberings of homogeneous spaces. I
JO - Compositio Mathematica
PY - 1981
PB - Sijthoff et Noordhoff International Publishers
VL - 43
IS - 2
SP - 181
EP - 215
LA - eng
KW - homogeneous spaces; compact fibering of a finite complex; reduced flag manifold; quotients of compact Lie groups by maximal closed subgroups; quaternionic projective spaces; Grassmann manifolds of 2-planes in complex or quaternionic n-space; Grassmann manifolds of 2-planes in real n-space; fibre space transfer; rational fibrations and minimal models
UR -
ER -


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