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Boleslav Maleshevska ( 1844-1912 ). Sketch of biography

Наталия Ермолаева — 2010

Antiquitates Mathematicae

The first biography of Boleslav Maleshevsky (1844-1912) was written by S. Yu. Witte (1849-1915), who recall him in his "Memoirs" (1994, p. 350-365), but he did not edited his notes. Let us recall that they were published for the first time, abroad, in 1921-1922. Earlier, in 1896, it was a short article in the encyclopedia "Brockhaus and Efron", where the date of Maleshevsky's birth was incorrect (1949 ). Other dictionaries repeated this error. In this essay, which shows the correct dates. However,...

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