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On the equivalence of Green functions for general Schrödinger operators on a half-space

Abdoul IfraLotfi Riahi — 2004

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We consider the general Schrödinger operator L = d i v ( A ( x ) x ) - μ on a half-space in ℝⁿ, n ≥ 3. We prove that the L-Green function G exists and is comparable to the Laplace-Green function G Δ provided that μ is in some class of signed Radon measures. The result extends the one proved on the half-plane in [9] and covers the case of Schrödinger operators with potentials in the Kato class at infinity K considered by Zhao and Pinchover. As an application we study the cone L ( ) of all positive L-solutions continuously vanishing...

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