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Existence of solutions to nonlinear advection-diffusion equation applied to Burgers' equation using Sinc methods

Kamel Al-Khaled — 2014

Applications of Mathematics

This paper has two objectives. First, we prove the existence of solutions to the general advection-diffusion equation subject to a reasonably smooth initial condition. We investigate the behavior of the solution of these problems for large values of time. Secondly, a numerical scheme using the Sinc-Galerkin method is developed to approximate the solution of a simple model of turbulence, which is a special case of the advection-diffusion equation, known as Burgers' equation. The approximate solution...

Bifurcations of the time-fractional generalized coupled Hirota-Satsuma KdV system

Marwan AlquranKamel Al-KhaledMohammed AliOmar Abu Arqub — 2017

Waves, Wavelets and Fractals

The Hirota-Satsuma model with fractional derivative is considered to provide some characteristics of memory embedded into the system. The modified system is analyzed analytically using a new technique called residual power series method. We observe thatwhen the value of memory index (time-fractional order) is close to zero, the solutions bifurcate and produce a wave-like pattern.

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