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Perturbations of bi-continuous semigroups

Bálint Farkas — 2004

Studia Mathematica

The notion of bi-continuous semigroups has recently been introduced to handle semigroups on Banach spaces that are only strongly continuous for a topology coarser than the norm-topology. In this paper, as a continuation of the systematic treatment of such semigroups started in [20-22], we provide a bounded perturbation theorem, which turns out to be quite general in view of various examples.

Adjoint bi-continuous semigroups and semigroups on the space of measures

Bálint Farkas — 2011

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

For a given bi-continuous semigroup ( T ( t ) ) t 0 on a Banach space X we define its adjoint on an appropriate closed subspace X of the norm dual X ' . Under some abstract conditions this adjoint semigroup is again bi-continuous with respect to the weak topology σ ( X , X ) . We give the following application: For Ω a Polish space we consider operator semigroups on the space C b ( Ω ) of bounded, continuous functions (endowed with the compact-open topology) and on the space M ( Ω ) of bounded Baire measures (endowed with the weak * -topology)....

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