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On a problem of colouring the real plane

Filip Guldan — 1991

Mathematica Bohemica

What is the least number of colours which can be used to colour all points of the real Euclidean plane so that no two points which are unit distance apart have the same colour? This well known problem, open more than 25 years is studied in the paper. Some partial results and open subproblems are presented.

Location of polygon vertices on circles and its application in transport studies

Ján ČernýFilip Guldan — 1987

Aplikace matematiky

The paper deals with the problem how to locate a set of polygon vertices on given circles fulfilling some criteria of "regularity" of individual and composed polygons. Specifying the conditions we can obtain a lot of particular versions of this general problem. Some of them are already solved, the others are not. Applications of this theory can be found in scheduling of periodically repeating processes, e.g. in coordination of several urban lines on a common leg, in optimization of the rhythm of...

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