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Simple topological measures and a lifting problem

Finn F. Knudsen — 2008

Fundamenta Mathematicae

We state a certain lifting conjecture and prove it in the case of a torus. From this result we are able to construct a connected dense subset of the space of intrinsic simple topological measures on the torus, consisting of push forwards of compactly supported generalized point-measures on the universal covering space. Combining this result with an observation of Johansen and Rustad, we conclude that the space of simple topological measures on a torus is connected.

New topological measures on the torus

Finn F. Knudsen — 2005

Fundamenta Mathematicae

Recently Entov and Polterovich asked if the Grubb measure was the only symplectic topological measure on the torus. Much to our surprise we discovered a whole new class of intrinsic simple topological measures on the torus, many of which were symplectic.

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