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Dual complementors in topological algebras

Marina Haralampidou — 2005

Banach Center Publications

We deal with dual complementors on complemented topological (non-normed) algebras and give some characterizations of a dual pair of complementors for some classes of complemented topological algebras. The study of dual complementors shows their deep connection with dual algebras. In particular, we refer to Hausdorff annihilator locally C*-algebras and to proper Hausdorff orthocomplemented locally convex H*-algebras. These algebras admit, by their nature, the same type of dual pair of complementors....

On the Krull property in topological algebras

Marina Haralampidou — 2006

Commentationes Mathematicae

We introduce Krull topological algebras. In particular, we characterize the Krull property in some special classes of topological algebras. Connections with the theory of semisimple annihilator Q ' -algebras are given. Relative to this, an investigation on the relationship between Krull and (weakly) regular (viz. modular) annihilator algebras is considered. Subalgebras of certain Krull algebras are also presented. Moreover, conditions are supplied under which the Krull (resp. Q ' -) property is preserved...

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