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Hankel forms

Henry Helson — 2010

Studia Mathematica

It is an open question whether Nehari's theorem on the circle group has an analogue on the infinite-dimensional torus. In this note it is shown that if the analogue holds, then some interesting inequalities follow for certain trigonometric polynomials on the torus. We think these inequalities are false but are not able to prove that.

Hankel forms and sums of random variables

Henry Helson — 2006

Studia Mathematica

A well known theorem of Nehari asserts on the circle group that bilinear forms in H² can be lifted to linear functionals on H¹. We show that this result can be extended to Hankel forms in infinitely many variables of a certain type. As a corollary we find a new proof that all the L p norms on the class of Steinhaus series are equivalent.

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