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Finite element method on 3D mesh with layer structure - application on flow and transport in porous media

Hokr, MilanWasserbauer, Vladimír — 2004

Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics

We introduce a formulation of the finite element method (FEM) adapted to typical geometry of groundwater problems. The three-dimensional domain is discretized in the following way: the projection to the horizontal plane is a triangulation (unstructured mesh) and the mesh is composed of layers in the space. Thus there is need to define finite elements on trilateral prims. We show an alternative numerical solution of porous media (potential) flow by means of combining the FEM on 2D triangle mesh and...

Solution of mechanical problems in fractured rock with the user-defined interface of COMSOL multiphysics

Škarydová, IlonaHokr, Milan — 2015

Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics

This paper presents the main concept and several key features of the user-defined interface of COMSOL Java API for the solution of mechanical problems in fractured rock. This commercial computational system based on FEM has yet to incorporate fractures in mechanical problems. Our aim is to solve a 2D mechanical problem with a fracture which is defined separately from finite-element discretization and the fracture properties are included through the constitutive laws. This will be performed based...

Numerical studies of groundwater flow problems with a singularity

Hokr, MilanBalvín, Aleš — 2017

Programs and Algorithms of Numerical Mathematics

The paper studies mesh dependent numerical solution of groundwater problems with singularities, caused by boreholes represented as points, instead of a real radius. We show on examples, that the numerical solution of the borehole pumping problem with point source (singularity) can be related to the exact solution of a regular problem with adapted geometry of a finite borehole radius. The radius providing the fit is roughly proportional to the mesh step. Next we define a problem of fracture-rock...

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