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Non-separable bidimensional wavelet bases.

Albert CohenIngrid Daubechies — 1993

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

We build orthonormal and biorthogonal wavelet bases of L(R) with dilation matrices of determinant 2. As for the one dimensional case, our construction uses a scaling function which solves a two-scale difference equation associated to a FIR filter. Our wavelets are generated from a single compactly supported mother function. However, the regularity of these functions cannot be derived by the same approach as in the one dimensional case. We review existing techniques to evaluate the regularity of...

A new technique to estimate the regularity of refinable functions.

Albert CohenIngrid Daubechies — 1996

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

We study the regularity of refinable functions by analyzing the spectral properties of special operators associated to the refinement equation; in particular, we use the Fredholm determinant theory to derive numerical estimates for the spectral radius of these operators in certain spaces. This new technique is particularly useful for estimating the regularity in the cases where the refinement equation has an infinite number of nonzero coefficients and in the multidimensional cases.

Harmonic analysis of the space BV.

Albert CohenWolfgang DahmenIngrid DaubechiesRonald DeVore — 2003

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana

We establish new results on the space BV of functions with bounded variation. While it is well known that this space admits no unconditional basis, we show that it is almost characterized by wavelet expansions in the following sense: if a function f is in BV, its coefficient sequence in a BV normalized wavelet basis satisfies a class of weak-l1 type estimates. These weak estimates can be employed to prove many interesting results. We use them to identify the interpolation spaces between BV and Sobolev...

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