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On quadratic Hurwitz forms. I

Jiří Gregor — 1981

Aplikace matematiky

Homogeneous quadratic polynomials f in n complex variables are investigated and various necessary and sufficient conditions are given for f to be nonzero in the set Γ ( n ) = z C ( n ) : R e z > 0 . Conclusions for the theory of multivariable positive real functions are formulated with applications in multivariable electrical network theory.

On the decomposition of a positive real function into positive real summands

Jiří Gregor — 1969

Aplikace matematiky

Analytic functions of one variable with positive real part in the right half-plane, assuming real values on the real positive half-axis, are called positive real functions. In the paper necessary and sufficient conditions for a positive real function to be a sum of two positive real functions are given. Further the structure of any positive real function f is shown when written in the form f = f 0 + g + h where f 0 , g , h are positive real functions and f 0 has all the pure imaginary poles of the function f .

On generalized difference equations

Miroslav BosákJiří Gregor — 1987

Aplikace matematiky

In this paper linear difference equations with several independent variables are considered, whose solutions are functions defined on sets of n -dimensional vectors with integer coordinates. These equations could be called partial difference equations. Existence and uniqueness theorems for these equations are formulated and proved, and interconnections of such results with the theory of linear multidimensional digital systems are investigated. Numerous examples show essential differences of the results...

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