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Quantum random walk revisited

Kalyan B. Sinha — 2006

Banach Center Publications

In the framework of the symmetric Fock space over L²(ℝ₊), the details of the approximation of the four fundamental quantum stochastic increments by the four appropriate spin-matrices are studied. Then this result is used to prove the strong convergence of a quantum random walk as a map from an initial algebra 𝓐 into 𝓐 ⊗ ℬ (Fock(L²(ℝ₊))) to a *-homomorphic quantum stochastic flow.

Characterization of unitary processes with independent and stationary increments

Lingaraj SahuKalyan B. Sinha — 2010

Annales de l'I.H.P. Probabilités et statistiques

This is a continuation of the earlier work ( (2009) 745–785) to characterize unitary stationary independent increment gaussian processes. The earlier assumption of uniform continuity is replaced by weak continuity and with technical assumptions on the domain of the generator, unitary equivalence of the process to the solution of an appropriate Hudson–Parthasarathy equation is proved.

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