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Twisted action of the symmetric group on the cohomology of a flag manifold

Alain LascouxBernard LeclercJean-Yves Thibon — 1996

Banach Center Publications

Classes dual to Schubert cycles constitute a basis on the cohomology ring of the flag manifold F, self-adjoint up to indexation with respect to the intersection form. Here, we study the bilinear form (X,Y) :=〈X·Y, c(F)〉 where X,Y are cocycles, c(F) is the total Chern class of F and〈,〉 is the intersection form. This form is related to a twisted action of the symmetric group of the cohomology ring, and to the degenerate affine Hecke algebra. We give a distinguished basis for this form, which is a...

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