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Calkin algebras for Banach spaces with finitely decomposable quotients

Manuel GonzálezJosé M. Herrera — 2003

Studia Mathematica

For a Banach space X such that all quotients only admit direct decompositions with a number of summands smaller than or equal to n, we show that every operator T on X can be identified with an n × n scalar matrix modulo the strictly cosingular operators SC(X). More precisely, we obtain an algebra isomorphism from the Calkin algebra L(X)/SC(X) onto a subalgebra of the algebra of n × n scalar matrices which is triangularizable when X is indecomposable. From this fact we get some information on the...

Decompositions for real Banach spaces with small spaces of operators

Manuel GonzálezJosé M. Herrera — 2007

Studia Mathematica

We consider real Banach spaces X for which the quotient algebra (X)/ℐn(X) is finite-dimensional, where ℐn(X) stands for the ideal of inessential operators on X. We show that these spaces admit a decomposition as a finite direct sum of indecomposable subspaces X i for which ( X i ) / n ( X i ) is isomorphic as a real algebra to either the real numbers ℝ, the complex numbers ℂ, or the quaternion numbers ℍ. Moreover, the set of subspaces X i can be divided into subsets in such a way that if X i and X j are in different subsets,...

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