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Algebraic systems theory towards stabilization under parametrical and degree changes in the polynomial matrices of linear mathematical models.

Manuel de la Sen — 1988


This paper deals with the stabilization of the linear time-invariant finite dimensional control problem specified by the following linear spaces and subspaces on C: χ (state space) = χ ⊕ χ, U (input space) = U ⊕ U, Y (output space) = Y + Y, together with the linear mappings: Q = χ x U x [0,t} --> χ associated with the evolution equation of the C-semigroup S(t) generated by the matrices, of real and complex entries A belonging to L(χ,χ) and B belonging to L(U,χ) of a given differential system....

Condiciones algebraicas de existencia y estabilidad para el diseño de controladores para sistemas lineales multivariables interconectados.

Manuel de la Sen — 1986


This paper presents an algebraic design theory for interconnected systems. Usual multivariable linear systems are described in a unified way. Both square and nonsquare plants and controllers are included in the study and an easy characterization of the achievable I/O (input-to-output) and D/O (disturbance-to-output) maps is presented through the use of appropriate controllers. Sufficient conditions of stability are given.

The bang-bang principle for a class of uncertain evolution linear differential [equations] in Hilbert spaces.

Manuel de la Sen Parte — 1989

Trabajos de Investigación Operativa

This paper deals with the problem of time-varying differential systems when unmodeled dynamics is present. The questions related to when unmodeled dynamics (in fact when parametrical and order errors) does not affect for problems like controllability and related ones with respect to the foreseen results for a correct modelling are investigated for a wide class of typical situations. The presented results seem to be of interest in Physics when modelling uncertainties are present. Only the linear...

On the optimal continuous decentralized control of non-linear dynamical multivariable systems about the origin.

Manuel de la Sen Parte — 1987

Trabajos de Investigación Operativa

This paper deals with the local (around the equilibrium) optimal decentralized control of autonomous multivariable systems of nonlinearities and couplings between subsystems which can be expressed as power series in the state-space are allowed in the formulation. They only affect for the optimal performance integrals in cubic and higher terms in the norm of the initial conditions of the dynamical differential system. The basic hypothesis which is made is that the system is centrally-stabilizable...

Non-fragile controllers for a class of time-delay nonlinear systems

Lubomír BakuleManuel de la Sen — 2009


The paper deals with the synthesis of a non-fragile state controller with reduced design complexity for a class of continuous-time nonlinear delayed symmetric composite systems. Additive controller gain perturbations are considered. Both subsystems and interconnections include time-delays. A low-order control design system is first constructed. Then, stabilizing controllers with norm bounded gain uncertainties are designed for the control design system using linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) for...

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