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Ergodic theory of interval exchange maps.

Marcelo Viana — 2006

Revista Matemática Complutense

A unified introduction to the dynamics of interval exchange maps and related topics, such as the geometry of translation surfaces, renormalization operators, and Teichmüller flows, starting from the basic definitions and culminating with the proof that almost every interval exchange map is uniquely ergodic. Great emphasis is put on examples and geometric interpretations of the main ideas.

Absolute continuity, Lyapunov exponents and rigidity I: geodesic flows

Artur AvilaMarcelo VianaAmie Wilkinson — 2015

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We consider volume-preserving perturbations of the time-one map of the geodesic flow of a compact surface with negative curvature. We show that if the Liouville measure has Lebesgue disintegration along the center foliation then the perturbation is itself the time-one map of a smooth volume-preserving flow, and that otherwise the disintegration is necessarily atomic.

The entropy conjecture for diffeomorphisms away from tangencies

Gang LiaoMarcelo VianaJiagang Yang — 2013

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We prove that every C 1 diffeomorphism away from homoclinic tangencies is entropy expansive, with locally uniform expansivity constant. Consequently, such diffeomorphisms satisfy Shub’s entropy conjecture: the entropy is bounded from below by the spectral radius in homology. Moreover, they admit principal symbolic extensions, and the topological entropy and metrical entropy vary continuously with the map. In contrast, generic diffeomorphisms with persistent tangencies are not entropy expansive.

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