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An inquiry-based method for Choquet integral-based aggregation of interface usability parameters

The concept of usability of man-machine interfaces is usually judged in terms of a number of aspects or attributes that are known to be subject to some rough correlations, and that are in many cases given different importance, depending on the context of use of the application. In consequence, the automation of judgment processes regarding the overall usability of concrete interfaces requires the design of aggregation operators that are capable of modeling approximate or ill-defined interactions...

Software cost estimation with fuzzy inputs: Fuzzy modelling and aggregation of cost drivers

Parametric software cost estimation models are well-known and widely used estimation tools, and several fuzzy extensions have been proposed to introduce a explicit handling of imprecision and uncertainty as part of them. Nonetheless, such extensions do not consider two basic facts that affect the inputs of software cost parametric models: cost drivers are often expressed through vague linguistic categories, and in many cases cost drivers are better expressed in terms of aggregations of second-level...

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