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The Suslinian number and other cardinal invariants of continua

T. BanakhV. V. FedorchukJ. NikielM. Tuncali — 2010

Fundamenta Mathematicae

By the Suslinian number Sln(X) of a continuum X we understand the smallest cardinal number κ such that X contains no disjoint family ℂ of non-degenerate subcontinua of size |ℂ| > κ. For a compact space X, Sln(X) is the smallest Suslinian number of a continuum which contains a homeomorphic copy of X. Our principal result asserts that each compact space X has weight ≤ Sln(X)⁺ and is the limit of an inverse well-ordered spectrum of length ≤ Sln(X)⁺, consisting of compacta with weight ≤ Sln(X) and...

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