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The energy method for elastic problems with non-homogeneous boundary conditions

Ramon Quintanilla — 2002

International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

In this paper we propose the weighted energy method as a way to study estimates of solutions of boundary-value problems with non-homogeneous boundary conditions in elasticity. First, we use this method to study spatial decay estimates in two-dimensional elasticity when we consider non-homogeneous boundary conditions on the boundary. Some comments in the case of harmonic vibrations are considered as well. We also extend the arguments to a class of three-dimensional problems in a cylinder. A section...

A note on prestressed thermoelastic bodies.

Ramón Quintanilla — 1991

Collectanea Mathematica

This note is concerned with the ill-posed problem for prestressed thermoelastic bodies. Under suitable hypotheses for the thermoelastic coefficients, the domain and the behavior of solutions at infinity, we prove uniqueness of the solutions. We also obtain some estimates for the solutions related with the initial condition.

A short note on incremental thermoelasticity.

Ramón Quintanilla de la Torre — 1983


The equations of classical thermoelasticity have been extensively studied [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]. Only more recently the equations when the initial state is at non-uniform temperature have been established [6], and a well-posedness theorem proved by the author and C. Navarro for these equations [7]. Our goal here is to make a brief comment about dissipation in this last case of an initial state with non-uniform temperature.

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