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Conformal Geometry and the Composite Membrane Problem

Sagun Chanillo — 2013

Analysis and Geometry in Metric Spaces

We show that a certain eigenvalue minimization problem in two dimensions for the Laplace operator in conformal classes is equivalent to the composite membrane problem. We again establish such a link in higher dimensions for eigenvalue problems stemming from the critical GJMS operators. New free boundary problems of unstable type arise in higher dimensions linked to the critical GJMS operator. In dimension four, the critical GJMS operator is exactly the Paneitz operator.

Some integral and maximal operators related to starlike sets

Sagun ChanilloDavid WatsonRichard Wheeden — 1993

Studia Mathematica

We prove two-weight norm estimates for fractional integrals and fractional maximal functions associated with starlike sets in Euclidean space. This is seen to include general positive homogeneous fractional integrals and fractional integrals on product spaces. We consider both weak type and strong type results, and we show that the conditions imposed on the weight functions are fairly sharp.

Weak uniqueness and partial regularity for the composite membrane problem

Sagun ChanilloCarlos E. Kenig — 2008

Journal of the European Mathematical Society

We study the composite membrane problem in all dimensions. We prove that the minimizing solutions exhibit a weak uniqueness property which under certain conditions can be turned into a full uniqueness result. Next we study the partial regularity of the solutions to the Euler–Lagrange equation associated to the composite problem and also the regularity of the free boundary for solutions to the Euler–Lagrange equations.

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