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An Electromagnetism Metaheuristic for the Uncapacitated Multiple Allocation Hub Location Problem

Filipović, Vladimir — 2011

Serdica Journal of Computing

In this article, the results achieved by applying an electromagnetism (EM) inspired metaheuristic to the uncapacitated multiple allocation hub location problem (UMAHLP) are discussed. An appropriate objective function which natively conform with the problem, 1-swap local search and scaling technique conduce to good overall performance.Computational tests demonstrate the reliability of this method, since the EM-inspired metaheuristic reaches all optimal/best known solutions for UMAHLP, except one,...

Solving the simple plant location problem by genetic algorithm

Jozef KraticaDušan TošicVladimir FilipovićIvana Ljubić — 2001

RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle

The simple plant location problem (SPLP) is considered and a genetic algorithm is proposed to solve this problem. By using the developed algorithm it is possible to solve SPLP with more than 1000 facility sites and customers. Computational results are presented and compared to dual based algorithms.

Solving the Task Assignment Problem with a Variable Neighborhood Search

Kratica, JozefSavić, AleksandarFilipović, VladimirMilanović, Marija — 2010

Serdica Journal of Computing

In this paper a variable neighborhood search (VNS) approach for the task assignment problem (TAP) is considered. An appropriate neighborhood scheme along with a shaking operator and local search procedure are constructed specifically for this problem. The computational results are presented for the instances from the literature, and compared to optimal solutions obtained by the CPLEX solver and heuristic solutions generated by the genetic algorithm. It can be seen that the proposed VNS approach reaches...

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