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The uniqueness of meromorphic functions ink-punctured complex plane

Hong Yan XuSan Yang Liu — 2017

Open Mathematics

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the uniqueness of meromorphic functions that share two finite sets in the k-punctured complex plane. It is proved that there exist two sets S1, S2 with ♯S1 = 2 and ♯S2 = 5, such that any two admissible meromorphic functions f and g in Ω must be identical if EΩ(Sj, f) = EΩ(Sj, g)(j = 1,2).

Results on the deficiencies of some differential-difference polynomials of meromorphic functions

Xiu-Min ZhengHong-Yan Xu — 2016

Open Mathematics

In this paper, we study the relation between the deficiencies concerning a meromorphic function f(z), its derivative f′(z) and differential-difference monomials f(z)mf(z+c)f′(z), f(z+c)nf′(z), f(z)mf(z+c). The main results of this paper are listed as follows: Let f(z) be a meromorphic function of finite order satisfying lim sup r→+∞ T(r, f) T(r,  f ′ ) <+∞, lim sup r + T ( r , f ) T ( r , f ' ) < + , and c be a non-zero complex constant, then δ(∞, f(z)m f(z+c)f′(z))≥δ(∞, f′) and δ(∞,f(z+c)nf′(z))≥ δ(∞, f′). We also investigate the value...

Zeros of solutions of certain higher order linear differential equations

Hong-Yan XuCai-Feng Yi — 2010

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We investigate the exponent of convergence of the zero-sequence of solutions of the differential equation f ( k ) + a k - 1 ( z ) f ( k - 1 ) + + a ( z ) f ' + D ( z ) f = 0 , (1) where D ( z ) = Q ( z ) e P ( z ) + Q ( z ) e P ( z ) + Q ( z ) e P ( z ) , P₁(z),P₂(z),P₃(z) are polynomials of degree n ≥ 1, Q₁(z),Q₂(z),Q₃(z), a j ( z ) (j=1,..., k-1) are entire functions of order less than n, and k ≥ 2.

An improvement of Hayman's inequality on an angular domain

Cai-Feng YiYu WangHong-Yan Xu — 2010

Annales Polonici Mathematici

We investigate the properties of meromorphic functions on an angular domain, and obtain a form of Yang's inequality on an angular domain by reducing the coefficients of Hayman's inequality. Moreover, we also study Hayman's inequality in different forms, and obtain accurate estimates of sums of deficiencies.

Some properties of solutions of complex q-shift difference equations

Hong-Yan XuJin TuXiu-Min Zheng — 2013

Annales Polonici Mathematici

Combining difference and q-difference equations, we study the properties of meromorphic solutions of q-shift difference equations from the point of view of value distribution. We obtain lower bounds for the Nevanlinna lower order for meromorphic solutions of such equations. Our results improve and extend previous theorems by Zheng and Chen and by Liu and Qi. Some examples are also given to illustrate our results.

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