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Rough semigroups and rough fuzzy semigroups based on fuzzy ideals

Qiumei WangJianming Zhan — 2016

Open Mathematics

In this paper, we firstly introduce a special congruence relation U(μ, t) induced by a fuzzy ideal μ in a semigroup S. Then we define the lower and upper approximations based on a fuzzy ideal in semigroups. We can establish rough semigroups, rough ideals, rough prime ideals, rough fuzzy semigroups, rough fuzzy ideals and rough fuzzy prime ideals according to the definitions of rough sets and rough fuzzy sets. Furthermore, we shall consider the relationships among semigroups and rough semigroups,...

A study on soft rough semigroups and corresponding decision making applications

Qiumei WangJianming ZhanR.A. Borzooei — 2017

Open Mathematics

In this paper, we study a kind of soft rough semigroups according to Shabir’s idea. We define the upper and lower approximations of a subset of a semigroup. According to Zhan’s idea over hemirings, we also define a kind of new C-soft sets and CC-soft sets over semigroups. In view of this theory, we investigate the soft rough ideals (prime ideals, bi-ideals, interior ideals, quasi-ideals, regular semigroups). Finally, we give two decision making methods: one is for looking a best a parameter which...

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