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Prime ideals in semirings.

Gupta, Vishnu, Chaudhari, J.N. (2011)

Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society. Second Series


On the maximal spectrum of commutative semiprimitive rings

K. Samei (2000)

Colloquium Mathematicae


The space of maximal ideals is studied on semiprimitive rings and reduced rings, and the relation between topological properties of Max(R) and algebric properties of the ring R are investigated. The socle of semiprimitive rings is characterized homologically, and it is shown that the socle is a direct sum of its localizations with respect to isolated maximal ideals. We observe that the Goldie dimension of a semiprimitive ring R is equal to the Suslin number of Max(R).

Wilson’s theorem

Chandan Singh Dalawat (2009)

Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux


We show how K. Hensel could have extended Wilson’s theorem from Z to the ring of integers 𝔬 in a number field, to find the product of all invertible elements of a finite quotient of 𝔬 .

A “class group” obstruction for the equation C y d = F ( x , z )

Denis Simon (2008)

Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux


In this paper, we study equations of the form C y d = F ( x , z ) , where F [ x , z ] is a binary form, homogeneous of degree n , which is supposed to be primitive and irreducible, and d is any fixed integer. Using classical tools in algebraic number theory, we prove that the existence of a proper solution for this equation implies the existence of an integral ideal of given norm in some order in a number field, and also the existence of a specific relation in the class group involving this ideal. In some cases,...