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Composition operators on W 1 X are necessarily induced by quasiconformal mappings

Luděk Kleprlík (2014)

Open Mathematics


Let Ω ⊂ ℝn be an open set and X(Ω) be any rearrangement invariant function space close to L q(Ω), i.e. X has the q-scaling property. We prove that each homeomorphism f which induces the composition operator u ↦ u ℴ f from W 1 X to W 1 X is necessarily a q-quasiconformal mapping. We also give some new results for the sufficiency of this condition for the composition operator.

An inverse Sobolev lemma.

Pekka Koskela (1994)

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana


We establish an inverse Sobolev lemma for quasiconformal mappings and extend a weaker version of the Sobolev lemma for quasiconformal mappings of the unit ball of R to the full range 0 < p < n. As an application we obtain sharp integrability theorems for the derivative of a quasiconformal mapping of the unit ball of R in terms of the growth of the mapping.

Smooth quasiregular maps with branching in 𝐑 n

Robert Kaufman, Jeremy T. Tyson, Jang-Mei Wu (2005)

Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS


According to a theorem of Martio, Rickman and Väisälä, all nonconstant C-smooth quasiregular maps in , ≥3, are local homeomorphisms. Bonk and Heinonen proved that the order of smoothness is sharp in . We prove that the order of smoothness is sharp in . For each ≥5 we construct a C-smooth quasiregular map in with nonempty branch set.