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Eigenvalue results for pseudomonotone perturbations of maximal monotone operators

In-Sook Kim, Jung-Hyun Bae (2013)

Open Mathematics


Let X be an infinite-dimensional real reflexive Banach space such that X and its dual X* are locally uniformly convex. Suppose that T: X⊃D(T) → 2X* is a maximal monotone multi-valued operator and C: X⊃D(C) → X* is a generalized pseudomonotone quasibounded operator with L ⊂ D(C), where L is a dense subspace of X. Applying a recent degree theory of Kartsatos and Skrypnik, we establish the existence of an eigensolution to the nonlinear inclusion 0 ∈ T x + λ C x, with a regularization method...