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Good moduli spaces for Artin stacks

Jarod Alper (2013)

Annales de l’institut Fourier


We develop the theory of associating moduli spaces with nice geometric properties to arbitrary Artin stacks generalizing Mumford’s geometric invariant theory and tame stacks.

Families of linear differential equations related to the second Painlevé equation

Marius van der Put (2011)

Banach Center Publications


This paper is a sequel to [vdP-Sa] and [vdP]. The two classes of differential modules (0,-,3/2) and (-,-,3), related to PII, are interpreted as fine moduli spaces. It is shown that these moduli spaces coincide with the Okamoto-Painlevé spaces for the given parameters. The geometry of the moduli spaces leads to a proof of the Painlevé property for PII in standard form and in the Flaschka-Newell form. The Bäcklund transformations, the rational solutions and the Riccati solutions for PII...