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On compact astheno-Kähler manifolds

Koji Matsuo, Takao Takahashi (2001)

Colloquium Mathematicae


We prove that every compact balanced astheno-Kähler manifold is Kähler, and that there exists an astheno-Kähler structure on the product of certain compact normal almost contact metric manifolds.

Compact lcK manifolds with parallel vector fields

Andrei Moroianu (2015)

Complex Manifolds


We show that for n > 2 a compact locally conformally Kähler manifold (M2n , g, J) carrying a nontrivial parallel vector field is either Vaisman, or globally conformally Kähler, determined in an explicit way by a compact Kähler manifold of dimension 2n − 2 and a real function.