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Self-correcting iterative methods for computing 2 -inverses

Stanimirović, Predrag S. (2003)

Archivum Mathematicum


In this paper we construct a few iterative processes for computing { 2 } -inverses of a linear bounded operator. These algorithms are extensions of the corresponding algorithms introduced in [11] and a method from [8]. A few error estimates are derived.

A Refinement of some Overrelaxation Algorithms for Solving a System of Linear Equations

Kyurkchiev, Nikolay, Iliev, Anton (2013)

Serdica Journal of Computing


In this paper we propose a refinement of some successive overrelaxation methods based on the reverse Gauss–Seidel method for solving a system of linear equations Ax = b by the decomposition A = Tm − Em − Fm, where Tm is a banded matrix of bandwidth 2m + 1. We study the convergence of the methods and give software implementation of algorithms in Mathematica package with numerical examples. ACM Computing Classification System (1998): G.1.3. This paper is partly supported by...