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Notes on a class of simple C*-algebras with real rank zero.

Kenneth R. Goodearl (1992)

Publicacions Matemàtiques


A construction method is presented for a class of simple C*-algebras whose basic properties -including their real ranks- can be computed relatively easily, using linear algebra. A numerival invariant attached to the construction determines wether a given algebra has real rank 0 or 1. Moreover, these algebras all have stable rank 1, and each nonzero hereditary sub-C*-algebra contains a nonzero projection, yet there are examples in which the linear span of the projections is not dense....

Extensions of certain real rank zero C * -algebras

Marius Dadarlat, Terry A. Loring (1994)

Annales de l'institut Fourier


G. Elliott extended the classification theory of A F -algebras to certain real rank zero inductive limits of subhomogeneous C * -algebras with one dimensional spectrum. We show that this class of C * -algebras is not closed under extensions. The relevant obstruction is related to the torsion subgroup of the K 1 -group. Perturbation and lifting results are provided for certain subhomogeneous C * -algebras.

Stable rank and real rank of compact transformation group C*-algebras

Robert J. Archbold, Eberhard Kaniuth (2006)

Studia Mathematica


Let (G,X) be a transformation group, where X is a locally compact Hausdorff space and G is a compact group. We investigate the stable rank and the real rank of the transformation group C*-algebra C₀(X)⋊ G. Explicit formulae are given in the case where X and G are second countable and X is locally of finite G-orbit type. As a consequence, we calculate the ranks of the group C*-algebra C*(ℝⁿ ⋊ G), where G is a connected closed subgroup of SO(n) acting on ℝⁿ by rotation.