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A commutator theorem with applications.

Mario Milman (1993)

Collectanea Mathematica


We give an extension of the commutator theorems of Jawerth, Rochberg and Weiss [9] for the real method of interpolation. The results are motivated by recent work by Iwaniek and Sbordone [6] on generalized Hodge decompositions. The main estimates of these authors are based on a commutator theorem for a specific operator acting on Lp spaces and through the use of the complex method of interpolation. In this note we give an extension of the Iwaniek-Sbordone theorem to general real interpolation...

On the relation between complex and real methods of interpolation

Mieczysław Mastyło, Vladimir Ovchinnikov (1997)

Studia Mathematica


We study those compatible couples of Banach spaces for which the complex method interpolation spaces are also described by the K-method of interpolation. As an application we present counter-examples to Cwikel's conjecture that all interpolation spaces of a Banach couple are described by the K-method whenever all complex interpolation spaces have this property.