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Quermass-interaction process with convex compact grains

Kateřina Helisová, Jakub Staněk (2016)

Applications of Mathematics


The paper concerns an extension of random disc Quermass-interaction process, i.e. the model of discs with mutual interactions, to the process of interacting objects of more general shapes. Based on the results for the random disc process and the process with polygonal grains, theoretical results for the generalized process are derived. Further, a simulation method, its advantages and the corresponding complications are described, and some examples are introduced. Finally, a short comparison...

Loop-free Markov chains as determinantal point processes

Alexei Borodin (2008)

Annales de l'I.H.P. Probabilités et statistiques


We show that any loop-free Markov chain on a discrete space can be viewed as a determinantal point process. As an application, we prove central limit theorems for the number of particles in a window for renewal processes and Markov renewal processes with Bernoulli noise.