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On some ideal related to the ideal (v 0 )

Piotr Kalemba (2015)

Open Mathematics


The ideal (v0) is known in the literature and is naturally linked to the structure [ω]ω. We consider some natural counterpart of the ideal (v0) related in an analogous way to the structure Dense(ℚ) and investigate its combinatorial properties. By the use of the notion of ideal type we prove that under CH this ideal is isomorphic to (v0).

Extending the ideal of nowhere dense subsets of rationals to a P-ideal

Rafał Filipów, Nikodem Mrożek, Ireneusz Recław, Piotr Szuca (2013)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae


We show that the ideal of nowhere dense subsets of rationals cannot be extended to an analytic P-ideal, F σ ideal nor maximal P-ideal. We also consider a problem of extendability to a non-meager P-ideals (in particular, to maximal P-ideals).