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Join-semilattices with two-dimensional congruence amalgamation

Friedrich Wehrung (2002)

Colloquium Mathematicae


We say that a ⟨∨,0⟩-semilattice S is conditionally co-Brouwerian if (1) for all nonempty subsets X and Y of S such that X ≤ Y (i.e. x ≤ y for all ⟨x,y⟩ ∈ X × Y), there exists z ∈ S such that X ≤ z ≤ Y, and (2) for every subset Z of S and all a, b ∈ S, if a ≤ b ∨ z for all z ∈ Z, then there exists c ∈ S such that a ≤ b ∨ c and c ≤ Z. By restricting this definition to subsets X, Y, and Z of less than κ elements, for an infinite cardinal κ, we obtain the definition of a conditionally κ-co-Brouwerian...

Subdirectly irreducible sectionally pseudocomplemented semilattices

Radomír Halaš, Jan Kühr (2007)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


Sectionally pseudocomplemented semilattices are an extension of relatively pseudocomplemented semilattices—they are meet-semilattices with a greatest element such that every section, i.e., every principal filter, is a pseudocomplemented semilattice. In the paper, we give a simple equational characterization of sectionally pseudocomplemented semilattices and then investigate mainly their congruence kernels which leads to a characterization of subdirectly irreducible sectionally pseudocomplemented...