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Approximating the MaxMin and MinMax Area Triangulations using Angular Constraints

Mark Keil, J, Vassilev, Tzvetalin (2010)

Serdica Journal of Computing


* A preliminary version of this paper was presented at XI Encuentros de Geometr´ia Computacional, Santander, Spain, June 2005. We consider sets of points in the two-dimensional Euclidean plane. For a planar point set in general position, i.e. no three points collinear, a triangulation is a maximal set of non-intersecting straight line segments with vertices in the given points. These segments, called edges, subdivide the convex hull of the set into triangular regions called...

Rational values of the arccosine function

Juan Varona (2006)

Open Mathematics


We give a short proof to characterize the cases when arccos(√r), the arccosine of the squareroot of a rational number r ∈ [0, 1], is a rational multiple of π: This happens exactly if r is an integer multiple of 1/4. The proof relies on the well-known recurrence relation for the Chebyshev polynomials of the first kind.