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A model for some analytic Toeplitz operators

K. Rudol (1991)

Studia Mathematica


We present a change of variable method and use it to prove the equivalence to bundle shifts for certain analytic Toeplitz operators on the Banach spaces H p ( G ) ( 1 p < ) . In Section 2 we see this approach applied in the analysis of essential spectra. Some partial results were obtained in [9] in the Hilbert space case.

Subnormal operators of finite type II. Structure theorems.

Dmitry V. Yakubovich (1998)

Revista Matemática Iberoamericana


This paper concerns pure subnormal operators with finite rank self-commutator, which we call subnormal operators of finite type. We analyze Xia's theory of these operators [21]-[23] and give its alternative exposition. Our exposition is based on the explicit use of a certain algebraic curve in C, which we call the discriminant curve of a subnormal operator, and the approach of dual analytic similarity models of [26]. We give a complete structure result for subnormal operators of finite...

Spectra of subnormal Hardy type operators

K. Rudol (1997)

Annales Polonici Mathematici


The essential spectrum of bundle shifts over Parreau-Widom domains is studied. Such shifts are models for subnormal operators of special (Hardy) type considered earlier in [AD], [R1] and [R2]. By relating a subnormal operator to the fiber of the maximal ideal space, an application to cluster values of bounded analytic functions is obtained.

Reflexivity of Toeplitz operators in multiply connected regions

Wojciech Młocek, Marek Ptak (2016)

Colloquium Mathematicae


Subspaces of Toeplitz operators on the Hardy spaces over a multiply connected region in the complex plane are investigated. A universal covering map of such a region and the group of automorphisms invariant with respect to the covering map connect the Hardy space on this multiply connected region with a certain subspace of the classical Hardy space on the disc. We also present some connections of Toeplitz operators on both spaces from the reflexivity point of view.

Invertible and normal composition operators on the Hilbert Hardy space of a half–plane

Valentin Matache (2016)

Concrete Operators


Operators on function spaces of form Cɸf = f ∘ ɸ, where ɸ is a fixed map are called composition operators with symbol ɸ. We study such operators acting on the Hilbert Hardy space over the right half-plane and characterize the situations when they are invertible, Fredholm, unitary, and Hermitian. We determine the normal composition operators with inner, respectively with Möbius symbol. In select cases, we calculate their spectra, essential spectra, and numerical ranges.