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Trace and determinant in Banach algebras

Bernard Aupetit, H. Mouton (1996)

Studia Mathematica


We show that the trace and the determinant on a semisimple Banach algebra can be defined in a purely spectral and analytic way and then we obtain many consequences from these new definitions.

A new rank formula for idempotent matrices with applications

Yong Ge Tian, George P. H. Styan (2002)

Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae


It is shown that rank ( P * A Q ) = rank ( P * A ) + rank ( A Q ) - rank ( A ) , where A is idempotent, [ P , Q ] has full row rank and P * Q = 0 . Some applications of the rank formula to generalized inverses of matrices are also presented.

Co-rank and Betti number of a group

Irina Gelbukh (2015)

Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal


For a finitely generated group, we study the relations between its rank, the maximal rank of its free quotient, called co-rank (inner rank, cut number), and the maximal rank of its free abelian quotient, called the Betti number. We show that any combination of the group's rank, co-rank, and Betti number within obvious constraints is realized for some finitely presented group (for Betti number equal to rank, the group can be chosen torsion-free). In addition, we show that the Betti number...