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Logarithmic decay of the energy for an hyperbolic-parabolic coupled system

Ines Kamoun Fathallah (2011)

ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations


This paper is devoted to the study of a coupled system which consists of a wave equation and a heat equation coupled through a transmission condition along a steady interface. This system is a linearized model for fluid-structure interaction introduced by Rauch, Zhang and Zuazua for a simple transmission condition and by Zhang and Zuazua for a natural transmission condition. Using an abstract theorem of Burq and a new Carleman estimate proved near the interface, we complete the results...

Combustion in hydraulically resisted flows.

Gregory I. Sivashinsky (2007)



The effects of hydraulic resistance on premixed gas combustion in tubes and inert porous beds are discussed on the basis of recent research. It is found that the hydraulic resistance causes a gradual precompression and preheating of the unburned gas adjacent to the advancing deflagration which may lead (after an extended induction period) to a localized thermal explosion triggering an abrupt transition from deglagrative to detonative combustion. The hydraulic resistance has a profound...