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On a Five-Diagonal Jacobi Matrices and Orthogonal Polynomials on Rays in the Complex Plane

Zagorodniuk, S. (1998)

Serdica Mathematical Journal


∗ Partially supported by Grant MM-428/94 of MESC. Systems of orthogonal polynomials on the real line play an important role in the theory of special functions [1]. They find applications in numerous problems of mathematical physics and classical analysis. It is known, that classical polynomials have a number of properties, which uniquely define them.

Generalized Besov type spaces on the Laguerre hypergroup

Miloud Assal, Hacen Ben Abdallah (2005)

Annales mathématiques Blaise Pascal


In this paper we study generalized Besov type spaces on the Laguerre hypergroup and we give some characterizations using different equivalent norms which allows to reach results of completeness, continuous embeddings and density of some subspaces. A generalized Calderón-Zygmund formula adapted to the harmonic analysis on the Laguerre Hypergroup is obtained inducing two more equivalent norms.