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Quantization of Poisson Hamiltonian systems

Chiara Esposito (2015)

Banach Center Publications


In this paper we recall the concept of Hamiltonian system in the canonical and Poisson settings. We will discuss the quantization of the Hamiltonian systems in the Poisson context, using formal deformation quantization and quantum group theories.

Quantization of pencils with a gl-type Poisson center and braided geometry

Dimitri Gurevich, Pavel Saponov (2011)

Banach Center Publications


We consider Poisson pencils, each generated by a linear Poisson-Lie bracket and a quadratic Poisson bracket corresponding to a so-called Reflection Equation Algebra. We show that any bracket from such a Poisson pencil (and consequently, the whole pencil) can be restricted to any generic leaf of the Poisson-Lie bracket. We realize a quantization of these Poisson pencils (restricted or not) in the framework of braided affine geometry. Also, we introduce super-analogs of all these Poisson...

Poisson-Fermi Formulation of Nonlocal Electrostatics in Electrolyte Solutions

Jinn-Liang Liu, Dexuan Xie, Bob Eisenberg (2017)

Molecular Based Mathematical Biology


We present a nonlocal electrostatic formulation of nonuniform ions and water molecules with interstitial voids that uses a Fermi-like distribution to account for steric and correlation efects in electrolyte solutions. The formulation is based on the volume exclusion of hard spheres leading to a steric potential and Maxwell’s displacement field with Yukawa-type interactions resulting in a nonlocal electric potential. The classical Poisson-Boltzmann model fails to describe steric and correlation...

Linear hamiltonian circle actions that generate minimal Hilbert bases

Ágúst Sverrir Egilsson (2000)

Annales de l'institut Fourier


The orbit space of a linear Hamiltonian circle action and the reduced orbit space, at zero, are examples of singular Poisson spaces. The orbit space inherits the Poisson algebra of functions invariant under the linear circle action and the reduced orbit space inherits the Poisson algebra obtained by restricting the invariant functions to the reduced space. Both spaces reside inside smooth manifolds, which in turn inherit almost Poisson structures from the Poisson varieties. In this paper...

Asymptotic evaluation of the Poisson measures for tubes around jump curves

Xavier Bardina, Carles Rovira, Samy Tindel (2002)

Applicationes Mathematicae


We find the asymptotic behavior of P(||X-ϕ|| ≤ ε) when X is the solution of a linear stochastic differential equation driven by a Poisson process and ϕ the solution of a linear differential equation driven by a pure jump function.