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On the Schwarz algorithms for the elliptic exterior boundary value problems

Faker Ben Belgacem, Miche Fournié, Nabil Gmati, Faten Jelassi (2005)

ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - Modélisation Mathématique et Analyse Numérique


Tuning the alternating Schwarz method to the exterior problems is the subject of this paper. We present the original algorithm and we propose a modification of it, so that the solution of the subproblem involving the condition at infinity has an explicit integral representation formulas while the solution of the other subproblem, set in a bounded domain, is approximated by classical variational methods. We investigate many of the advantages of the new Schwarz approach: a geometrical...

A Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Contact Problems: Analysis and Implementation

J. Haslinger, R. Kučera, T. Sassi (2009)

Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena


The paper deals with an iterative method for numerical solving frictionless contact problems for two elastic bodies. Each iterative step consists of a Dirichlet problem for the one body, a contact problem for the other one and two Neumann problems to coordinate contact stresses. Convergence is proved by the Banach fixed point theorem in both continuous and discrete case. Numerical experiments indicate scalability of the algorithm for some choices of the relaxation parameter. ...

Crack detection using electrostatic measurements

Martin Brühl, Martin Hanke, Michael Pidcock (2010)

ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis


In this paper we extend recent work on the detection of inclusions using electrostatic measurements to the problem of crack detection in a two-dimensional object. As in the inclusion case our method is based on a factorization of the difference between two Neumann-Dirichlet operators. The factorization possible in the case of cracks is much simpler than that for inclusions and the analysis is greatly simplified. However, the directional information carried by the crack makes...

Contact problem of two elastic bodies. III

Vladimír Janovský, Petr Procházka (1980)

Aplikace matematiky


The goal of the paper is the study of the contact problem of two elastic bodies which is applicable to the solution of displacements and stresses of the earth continuum and the tunnel wall. In this first part the variational formulation of the continuous and discrete model is stated. The second part covers the proof of convergence of finite element method to the solution of continuous problem while in the third part some practical applications are illustrated.

Algebraic domain decomposition solver for linear elasticity

Aleš Janka (1999)

Applications of Mathematics


We generalize the overlapping Schwarz domain decomposition method to problems of linear elasticity. The convergence rate independent of the mesh size, coarse-space size, Korn’s constant and essential boundary conditions is proved here. Abstract convergence bounds developed here can be used for an analysis of the method applied to singular perturbations of other elliptic problems.